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Huffman K-8: Staff

Huffman Staff List


July 31, 2008

                                                PRINCIPAL                                                                           SECRETARY

                                                Emma Campbell-Cornelius                                  Tracy Chism


TEACHER                                                             POSITION                                                             ROOM

Rene’ Cox                                                              Kindergarten                                                         10

Joe Naylor                                                             Kindergarten                                                         12

Amy Fischer                                                         First Grade                                                             9

Pam Gump                                                             First Grade                                                             11

Cece Miller                                                            Second Grade                                                       7

Denise Hartwick                                                   Second Grade                                                       8

Meredith Killian                                                   Third Grade                                                           21

Tina Rogers                                                          Third Grade                                                           23

Denise Buettner                                                   Fourth Grade                                                         26

Onethia White                                                      Fourth Grade                                                         24

Flora Graham                                                         Fifth Grade                                                            20

Sara Cunningham                                                 Fifth Grade                                                            22



Breann Furfaro                                                     Instructional /Cross Cat                                      5

Whitney Paddock                                                                Autism                                                                   6

Kim Johnson                                                         Special Ed/Para

Shelly Onstott                                                      Special Ed/Para

LaSandra Chism                                                   Speech                                                                   Speech

Lisa Allen                                                              Resource                                                               15




Sara Sierra                                                             Art                                                                          4

Nancy Anderson                                                 Music                                                                     4

Sally Chamberlain                                                P.E.                                                                         4


Felicia Fleming                                                      Paraprofessional                                                 

Nina Gavins                                                          Librarian                                                                1

Stacey McClusky                                                 School Social Worker                                          office

Krysten Byrne                                                      School Nurse                                                        office


Stan Anderson                                                     Night Custodian

Bob LiVigni                                                           Day Custodian


Leona  Radake                                                      Head Cook                                                            cafeteria


Joyce Welchel                                                      Head Playground  Aide                                      office

Marvin Frazier                                                      Playground Aide                                                  office

Aleshia Vahle                                                      Playground Aide                                                   office

Tanya Williams                                               Playground Aide                                             office


Barb Larson                                                          RTI                                                                         2

Kathy Duensing                                                   RTI                                                                         2

Dianne Mueller                                                     Literacy Assistant

Stacey Toenjes                                                Literacy Assistant

                                                         Permanent Sub


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