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Front Page: Special Education

Special Education Department

Dr. Marion Wilson-Brooks, Director

July 26, 2008

Dr. Marion Wilson-Brooks, Director

Vicki Breckel, Assistant Director 

Kelly Richards, Supervisor

Sheryl Wilson, Supervisor

Terri Martin, Assistive Technology Facilitator

Paige Dustman, Prevention Initiative Social Worker

Kevin Grace, Psychologist

Andrea Harward, Psychologist

Rebecca Huller, Psychologist

Amy Kielbasa, Psychologist

Kathleen Moon, Psychologist

Alysia Petchulat, Psychologist

Brandy Bryant, Social Worker

Heidi Donald, Social Worker

Kathy Ceryes, Social Worker

Allison Grace, Social Worker

Stacey McClusky, Social Worker

Kemberlee Mahaffey, Social Worker

Lisa Melzer, Social Worker

Scott Neufield-Wall, Social Worker

Mary Sellman, Social Worker

Jackie Williams, Social Worker

Rachel Howard-Wilms, Social Work Intern

Tyler Zipfel, Social Work Intern

Beverly Hunter, Secretary

Angela Ivey, Secretary

Sandra Gaines, Secretary

Rhonda Wofford, Secretary


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