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Cahokia School of Choice

Cahokia School of Choice High School Uniform Policy

August 06, 2008


  • POLO STYLE SHIRTS - SOLID WHITE OR BLACK, long/short sleeves. Shirts bearing the "CHS" logo are allowed, if purchased at an approved store (when available.)
  • T-SHIRTS - SOLID WHITE, as undergarment only, short sleeves only, and tucked in.


  • NAVY BLUE OR BLACK, ankle length, no calf or thing side pockets, NO SAGGING.


  • NAVY BLUE or BLACK, below knees or longer, no side thigh pockets, no slits.


  • BLACK OR BROWN closed shoes, or tennis shoes; boots under pants only.

Winter Attire

  • COATS - No matter how cold, stay in lockers
  • SWEATSHIRTS- SOLID BLACK, full-length zipper;hoods come down/remain down, as soon as building is entered; NO PULL OVERS.


  • BELTS -BLACK OR BROWN, must be work through belt loops around the waist
  • SOCKS/STOCKINGS-Solid color, No leggings.

All shirts tucked in~

No jean wear; no denim of any kind!

Spirit wear on designated Fridays only, approved by administrators!



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